Good start to season 17/18

The current season starts off with some pretty cool projects for me. Next week, Nadar ensemble will hold its very first Nadar Summer School for Composers and Sound Artists in the world renowned deSingel in Antwerp Belgium.

Here is a link to the project: Nadar Summer School

The participants are Florian BognerLouis d’Heudieres, Andrius Arutiunian & Fernanda Navarro

Then it’s off to Kiev with Nadar Ensemble! We’ll be bringing the mega cool project Lesaeserma Prokhunakis at Gogolfest on the 10th of September. Check it out: LP-Gogolfest

And in October, I get the chance to perform Stockhausen’s solo piece for Trombone Signale zur InvasionThe curtain goes up and the speakers go on at 17hr on the 8th of October in Liege, Belgium. For tickets and Info, visit: Images-Sonores



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