From Darmstadt to Antwerp


After two sold out concerts in Centralstation in Darmstadt, next on the agenda is a home turf series of concerts during the Museumnacht – Antwerpen.  I have the fortune to repeat Stefan Prins’s really cool and fun to play solo work for Trombone, mp3-players, and guided walking tour: FITTINGinSIDE. So, if you missed it in Darmstadt, here’s your chance. We’ll play on the half hour every hour from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am.

And a big thank you to IMD and the city of Darmstadt. We had a great week seeing this city from a slightly different perspective during this summer’s edition of the Darmstadt Summer Course for New Music.

Here is a link to an interesting review of our location concerts in the Algemeine Zeitung.

And here is a link to an episode of the Good Morning Darmstadt podcast made the day after Nadar’s second concert day.  In it you’ll hear an interview with our Artistic Co-Director Pieter Matthynssens and myself.

Photos: (c) IMD 2018, Photographer: Kristof Lemp



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