From Portugal to Belgium and Horror to Noise

kristoflemp_180724_04620.jpg Copyright: Kristof Lemp

Last week, with my fellow Nadar musicians we explored new resonances in the mountainous and quite literally cheesy city of Seia and the lovely seaside city of Aveiro, Portugal. We appeared as guests on both the Dias de Música Electroacústica (in Seia) and the Arte No Tempo Festivals (in Aveiro). We had the opportunity to premiere a new piece by Luis Pena,Tracking Reality #1. (Bravo Luis!) I also got to play Pierre Jodlowski‘s really cool and more than a bit horror-like OUTERSPACE for Trombone and Video. Good times! 

This week, it’s back to Antwerp to work with the guitar class at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. We are premiering the revised version of Michael Maierhof‘s Zonen 6 for Guitar Orchestra. 18 guitarists! Who would wanna miss that! Here is a link to the concert – Sunday, 17 March at 11 am. See you then!

IMG_4955.jpeg IMG_5289.jpeg



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