Cage at the Nadar Summer Academy 2019


Last week I got to spend some time with some incredible and inspirational young performers at the annual Nadar Summer Academy for young performers put on by Matrix [Centre for New Music]. We coached them on works by Alexander Schubert and John Cage and they impressed us with their own creations, a miniature opera and a new composition for trio by Benjamin Windelinckx. It was a wonderful week. 

I personally got to dive deeper into Cage’s challenging and confrontational “Concert for Piano and Orchestra.” With the musicians, we explored Cage’s score and created our own version with no less than 4 pianists! The parcours and finger (not to mention elbow, head, knees, palms, noses, and pelvis) work those guys and gal pulled off made quite the show. Luckily we get to do it again. In October you find us at the Articulate Festival in Antwerp, Belgium.



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