Echo de Cleves E

This summer I was invited by the Jelle Dierickx, the director of Festival van Vlaanderen Mechelen, to premiere a new piece that he commissioned from Frederik Neyrinck. The piece would be a part of a cycle that the collective Flanders Festivals had put together within the framework of the ‘Festivals for Compassion.’ Frederik did a fantastic job, composing 8 impressive pieces in an incredibly short time. I really like his trombone piece, titled Echo de Cleves E and am thrilled that they asked me to take it on.

The Festival van Vlaanderen Mechelen brought this piece to premiere via two recordings. The first was made at the Klara recording studio at the VRT tower in Brussels. That team did great work producing all 8 pieces in the cycle. Jelle and his team also took the time to produce a live video version of the piece in the beautiful St. Rumbold’s Cathedral in Mechelen.

Both recordings have been released on YouTube and I’ve embedded them below. Enjoy!

Live Video Version, Echo de Cleves E by Frederik Neyrinck

Version produced by Klara at the VRT radio tower, Echo de Cleves E, by Frederick Neyrinck


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