Genius Thinkers and Passionate Playing

Thank you for the very nice words Aiga Leitholde in the!

At the end of the Liepāja Art Forum, the “Galactic Journey with Stockhausen” was performed by tandem – trombonist Thomas R. Moore and video artist Klaas Verpoest, continuing to introduce the audience to the classics and genius thinkers of our time. Feldmans).

The audiovisual concert consisted of two of Stockhausen’s works “Signale zur Invasion” and “Octophonie”. Although at first it is thought that the monolithic, abstract sounds and visual references to the Star Wars movie could create dissonant feelings, after a while it became clear how harmonious Stockhausen’s music is! The stone walk between the ranks of the listeners and the passionate playing made it feel as if we were sitting on a round ball.

Although I have not been to the moon myself yet, but probably the feelings would be similar.


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