En Avante Marche – Trombone style

This Wednesday, the 7th of October I am going to play a solo-recital in a small castle in the Ardennes that, due to COVID19, the organizer also is going to live stream. It is a benefit concert for Music Fund and the concert can be viewed via Facebook live at this link: www.facebook.com/MusicFund. The concert starts at 7 pm (Brussels time, GMT +2).

Music Fund does wonderful work, collecting and repairing second-hand instruments to then distribute to musicians and music schools in conflict areas, including Gaza and the Congo. They also train instrument repairers and have their own studios. During my concert, the trombone specialist from the studio in Marche-en-Famenne will also talk about her work and the history of the instrument. 

The concert program is very diverse, with some 20th century works by American composers and a local Belgian hero from the previous century, Lucien Goethals, a premiere by Frederik Neyrinck and even a couple snippets of Bach. 


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