Doublespeak | Doublethink in unerhoerte Musik, Berlin

Yesterday I performed my new solo program Doublespeak | Doublethink in the longest-running new music series, Unerhoerte Musik in the BKA Theater, Berlin. One of the good things about this period we all are trudging through are the lasting mementos of our streamed shows. Here it is!

Doublespeak | Doublethink
Thomas R. Moore | Trombone

“You do not exist,” George Orwell 1984

In the iconic book, 1984, Orwell defines Doublethink as the ability to hold two contradictory thoughts in one’s head and to believe them both simultaneously. In this program we will walk the edge between two thoughts, doubling and negating the original, both the sound of the trombone and the physical performance itself. The soloist, Thomas Moore will take on a split personality, be pre-recorded, live-manipulated, duplicated and nullified. 


  • Marino, Jessie: Commitment :: Ritual :: BiiM (2011) for solo performer, lights and tape – 4′
  • Beyer, Stefan: Strandung (2016, rev 2020) for trombone and electronics – 12’
  • Maierhof, Michael: Splitting 53* (2016-18) for trombone, amplified splitter and tape – 9’
  • Bark, Jan & Rabe, Folke: Ach Chamberlin (1965) tape – 6’
  • Henderickx, Wim: Akasha*, from VOID (2020) for trombone/voice and live electronics – 10’
  • Ivičević, Mirela: Orgy of References (2012, rev. 2019) for speaker/singer and live electronics – 8’

*World Premiere 

A small warning: This program acknowledges the existence of and explicitly refers to sexual acts. It may therefore not be appropriate for some people. 


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