4 months and 4 great ensembles!

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Spring 2015 will be an exciting couple months. Not only will I continue my work at Soldaat van Oranje and Chicago, Das Musical, but I will also have the opportunity to work with the 4 great Flemish modern music ensembles: Nadar, ChampdAction, Spectra Ensemble and Ictus.  In April, I will conduct Ictus for the first time doing the piece ‘Waterlines’ by Trapani and in May, I will fill in on the bass trombone at Spectra for a theatrical project in Kortrijk.

Nadar has quite the busy 2015 (RECHT, Doppelgänger Deluxe, Barcelona, and Donaueschingen, to name a few) and I will post more as each project arrives. My partnership with ChampdAction will be somewhat looser this year, but includes a workshop around IN C in February (partnered with Matrix) and a reading session at the Orpheus Institute in March.

If you would like to attend any of the shows here are the specifics:

January 23 and 24, RECHT, Frankfurt, Germany, Nadar Ensemble

January 28, Doppelgänger Deluxe, Antwerp, Belgium, Nadar Ensemble

February 13, RECHT, Ghent, Belgium, Nadar Ensemble

February 17, IN C Workshop, Zaventem, Belgium, Matrix/ChampdAction

March 13, ETE, etc, Barcelona, Spain, Nadar Ensemble

March 19 and 20, Reading Session, Ghent, Belgium, Orpheus Institute/ChampdAction

March 26 and 27, RECHT, Berlin, Germany, Nadar Ensemble

April 11, Waterlines, Lille, France, Ictus Ensemble

April 19, RECHT, Zagreb, Croatia, Nadar Ensemble

May 9, ETE, Ghent, Nadar Ensemble

May 9, Johansson, Kortrijk, Belgium, Spectra Ensemble


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