Rainy Days | //hcmf |Innuan

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg – Huddersfield, England – New York City, USA

Jodlowski & Stockhausen

3 cities | 3 solos | 2 great pieces

ТОМАС МУР (БЕЛЬГІЯ). OKTOPHONIE & SIGNALE ZUR INVASION | KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN Концерт-інсталяція до 90-річчя Карлгайнца Штокгаузена на фестивалі актуального мистецтва Porto Franko 2018, Івано-Франківськ, 2018.

In the coming weeks, I’ll get to revisit a masterpiece by Stockhausen and take on a brand new amazing work from Pierre Jodlowski.

It starts in Luxembourg at the Rainy Days Festival. Nadar Ensemble, welcomed once again into local living rooms, will bring the program “Your Place or Mine.” I get to take on Jodlowski‘s newest horror spectacle for solo trombone, electronics and video: OUTERSPACE.

Then its time again to revisit Stockhausen’s amazing solo masterpiece for Trombone, Octophonic Tape and Immersive Video (Klaas Verpoest): Signale zur Invasion. Once again, my partners from Centre Henri Pousseur and video artist Klaas Verpoest will be joining me. We will bring this “intense & galatic trip” to the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival on the 22nd of November and then head to New York City to play it in the John Doe Gallery (hosted by Innuan.org) on the 7th of December.

Hope to see you there!



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