Nadar – Your Place or Mine


Tomorrow – Pierre Jodlowski – OUTERSPACE

Trombone – Video – Electronics

Tomorrow’s the day. Tomorrow Nadar heads into the heart and living rooms of Luxembourg City to present and play “Your Place or Mine.” As part of this special program, I get to take on Pierre Jodlowski’s new work for solo trombone, video and electronics titled, OUTERSPACE. This piece is awesome! Truly in the spirit of this program, we peak into a virtual realm that seems to be connected to the concert space and somehow embodied by the trombonist.

Come join us! Here’s a link to the concert. 

Afterwards, please join us in the Philharmonie Luxembourg for Part II: Wettl, Marino, Prins & Beil. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 01.46.18


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